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Curtin University

About Us

The Secretariat is a discrete area within Legal Services.  The Director, Secretariat and Council Secretary, administratively reports to the Chief Legal Officer.  However, the Director, Secretariat and Council Secretary, is also independently accountable to the University Council through the Chancellor for Council related activities.

Secretariat’s Mission:

To facilitate good corporate decision making at Curtin.

Secretariat’s Vision:

To provide excellence in university governance by delivering a secretariat service that is aligned to the University Values and is:

  • Independent
  • Confidential
  • High Quality
  • Responsive
  • Timely
  • Consistent; and
  • Innovative

Secretariat’s Functions:

The functions of the Secretariat include:

  • supporting and enhancing governance and decision-making within the University by:
    • providing advice to the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor , Chair, Academic Board, and other senior staff of the University on the corporate governance of the University.
    • facilitating the University’s corporate decision-making processes through the provision of a reliable and confidential secretariat service for Council and its committees, Academic Board and its committees, and designated committees of the Vice-Chancellor.
    • conducting elections in accordance with sound electoral principles and practice.
    • maintaining the internal legislative framework of the University, that is, statutes, rules and by laws.
  • supporting compliance processes by:
    • ensuring compliance with the Curtin University Act.
    • ensuring compliance with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act.
    • overseeing the University's compliance with the Voluntary Code of Best Practice for the Governance of Australian Universities.
    • monitoring the University’s interests in controlled and associate entities.
    • facilitating and processing nominations for honorary awards.
    • co-ordinating production of the University’s Annual Report.