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Curtin University


The following are Constitutions of Council and its standing committees, Academic Board and its standing committees and Planning and Management Committee and its standing committees. These may assist in understanding the functions of each of the Committees.


Academic Board

Planning and Management Committee


    Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee   

Curtin University Foundation Board    

Executive Committee 

 Finance Committee

  Kalgoorlie Campus Council    

Legislative Committee

Nominations Committee

University Council Health and Safety Committee




Academic Board

Academic Board Executive

 Academic Services Committee

Courses Committee

International Committee 

University Graduate Studies Committee

University Learning and Teaching Committee

University Research and Development Committee 




Planning and Management Committee

Curtin Indigenous Policy Committee

People and Culture Committee

Student Services and Amenities Fees Expenditure Advisory Committee


Committees of the Vice-Chancellor

 Curtin Student Advisory Committee

Curtin University Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee 

Honorary Awards and Appointments Committee